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A dining space that looks put together and inviting is important when entertaining guests or enjoying meals as a family. An easy way to elevate the Style of your dining chairs is by using tailored, protective chair covers.

Keep reading to learn all about the purpose, benefits, and options for dining chair covers so you can choose the best ones to suit your needs.

The function of Dining Chair Covers

Beautiful, tailored dining chair covers are important when protecting and enhancing standard dining chairs. Some key reasons to use chair covers include:

  • Protect Fabric on Chairs: Using covers over the seats and backs of dining chairs helps protect more delicate upholstered fabric chairs from everyday wear, stains, and damage over time. The right covers add a protective barrier.
  • Customize Style Affordably: Investing in all new dining chairs can be pricey, but covers enable you to customize the look of your existing chairs for a fraction of the price.
  • Change Things Up for Events: Covers also make it easy to quickly change the style and color scheme of your dining space for holidays, parties, seasons, and other events at home.

Benefits of Dining Chair Covers

In addition to serving core functional purposes, attractive and well-made dining chair covers offer many outstanding benefits that improve your eating space. Benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Protect Investment in Chairs: Protecting the fabric and cushions on more expensive dining chairs is important to preserve their beauty over many years. Quality covers protect your investment.
  • Make Cleaning Easier: It’s much easier to remove chair covers to throw in the wash after messy meals compared to upholstered dining chairs. You save time and work.
  • Enhance Visual Appeal: The right chair covers can transform an outdated-looking dining chair into something gorgeous. Elevate visual Style affordably!
  • Add Color and Interest: Chair covers open up endless possibilities for adding pops of colour, interesting patterns, and textures that reflect your taste into the room.

Materials Used for Dining Chair Covers

Dining chair covers that properly protect chairs while offering beautiful styles come in various materials to suit your preferences. Some top options include:

  • Polyester: Budget-friendly covers offer protection while remaining soft and adding colour. Easy to clean.
  • Spandex Stretch – Flexible spandex hugs chairs in a more tailored way and comes in innovative patterns and colours.
  • Cotton: High-quality cotton covers are soft, comfortable, and durable.
  • Linen & Burlap: Natural linen or burlap covers add gorgeous texture and dimension for a more organic, casual style.

Key Considerations When Choosing Covers

With so many options for dining chair covers, it helps to know what to look for so you end up with the best fit, look, and quality for your needs. Some key factors to consider are:

dinning chair cover
  • Fit – Be sure to accurately measure your chairs before ordering covers to achieve the right tailored fit. Covers that are too big look sloppy while covers too small won’t fit properly. Measure the width, length, and height of your chair backs and seats and order covers specific to those dimensions for the best fit.
  • Fabric: Fabrics like polyester blends and spandex stretch fabrics tend to best conform to the shape of standard dining chairs while offering protection. Consider how easy covers are to clean based on fabric types that suit your lifestyle.
  • Colour/Pattern: The wide range of colour and pattern options available for chair covers is exciting. Decide whether you want chair covers in neutral, versatile solids or vibrant colours and prints that make more of a style statement.
  • Quality: Higher quality construction and fabrics will look better and last longer. Check product reviews and read fabric details before purchasing. Well-constructed chair covers with tighter seams, durable hems, and elasticized edges tend to give the most polished look.
  • Set Options – Buying full dining chair cover sets, available in matching or coordinating prints, is often more affordable than individually priced covers. Complete the look!

Installing Your Covers Properly

The right high-quality dining chair covers can transform the look of your eating space beautifully while protecting your investment in the chairs beneath.

Ensure chair covers are easy to take on and off as needed for Cleaning, layering for events, etc. Follow proper installation guidelines:

  • Always wash chair covers before use; fabrics often shrink slightly after the initial wash/dry. This prevents issues with fit after installation.
  • Check to size and align any asymmetric patterns or prints accordingly so they will be positioned attractively. Mark chair covers to make this easier.
  • Use removable hooks, velcro strips, or tabs rather than permanent adhesives to keep covers securely placed on chairs without damaging upholstery.
  • For the best fit, measure and custom hem any oversized covers using simple hand-sewing techniques to achieve a more tailored, snug fit.
  • Putting this small effort into preparing and properly installing chair covers helps ensure you’ll have beautiful, aligned covers that stay in place and enhance your space for many years of family meals and memory-making to come!

Maintaining Chair Covers

Caring properly for your dining chair covers helps them maintain their beauty and protective qualities over the years. Recommended care includes:

  • Promptly wipe spills and stains to prevent setting and fabric discoloration.
  • Check hooks/tabs periodically to ensure covers are securely attached.
  • Wash covers regularly according to fabric recommendations to eliminate odors and dirt buildup.
  • Avoid harsh cleaners, chemicals, or abrasives that deteriorate the fabric.
  • Steam or iron covers as needed to smooth wrinkling or creasing on chair fronts

Taking a little time to measure for the highest quality chair correctly covers on the front end, paired with proper ongoing care, makes these affordable additions look beautiful in the long run!

Investing in dining chair covers enables you to reinvent the look of your eating space affordably while adding protection that preserves your investment in the underlying upholstered chairs. Follow this guidance to select stunning, durable covers and install and care for them properly so they elevate your furnishings in spectacular Style at every meal.


Why should I use dining chair covers?

Chair covers protect your upholstered dining chairs from daily wear and tear, stains, and damage. They also allow you to inexpensively change the look of your chairs by choosing different colors, prints and materials to match your room decor.

What materials are best for dining chair covers?

A: Polyester blends, stretch spandex or Lycra, cotton, linen, and burlap are common materials for protective and stylish dining chair covers. Each has pros and cons regarding durability, ease of cleaning, comfort, etc.

How do I achieve a tailored look with my chair covers?

Accurately measure your chair dimensions before ordering covers for a custom, tailored fit. You can install hooks to keep the cover firmly secured to your chair or custom hem oversized covers for a more bespoke style.

How much do custom dining chair covers cost?

You can find standard polyester or stretch chair covers online starting around $10 per cover, with 4-6 chair cover sets typically ranging from $60-150 based on quality and detailing. Custom-measured and sewn chair covers often start around $30+ per chair.

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